General Imagines Master List


  1.  At a Signing
  2.  Your Favorite Picture Together
  3.  Watching a Horror Movie
  4.  How You Meet (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  5.  How He’ll Surprise You At School
  6.  What You Do At An Amusement Park
  7.  What Happens When You Run Into Fans
  8.  The Night Before A Big Test
  9.  Your Names For Each Other in Your Phones
  10.  After A Fight
  11.  How He Asks You To Move In With Him
  12.  Your Morning Routine
  13.  While Driving In His Car
  14.  Your Favorite Holiday To Celebrate Together
  15.  Going To The Movies
  16.  What You Do At The Beach
  17.  Your Favorite Movie Genre To Watch Together
  18.  Your Water Just Broke
  19.  His Good Morning Text
  20.  At Gymnastics Practice
  21.  There Doesn’t Seem To Be A #21… 
  22.  Where You Get Married
  23.  At Your Soccer Practice
  24.  At Your Musical Performance
  25.  When He Catches You Singing Their Songs
  26.  When He Looks At Your Tumblr
  27.  At Dance Practice
  28.  See Special Editions; The Hunger Games
  29.  You Wake Up In The Hospital
  30.  A Prank He Pulls On You
  31.  Meeting Your Family
  32.  After A Nightmare
  33.  When He’s Jealous
  34.  Checking Something Off Your Bucketlist
  35.  You Get A Cut
  36.  His Favorite Form Of PDA
  37.  How He Wakes You Up In The Morning
  38.  When Paparazzi Show Up
  39.  Your Most Recent Paparazzi Photo
  40.  While On An Airplane
  41.  What You Do When You’re Stuck In The Airport
  42.  Your Name Gets Mentioned In An Interview
  43.  His Tweet That He’s Dating You
  44.  His Tweet Saying You’re Engaged
  45.  His Tweet Saying You’re Pregnant
  46.  After You Get A New Pet
  47.  At Volleyball
  48.  What He Does When He Sees You At A Concert
  49.  Your First Valentine’s Day Together
  50.  How He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend
  51.  The Song He Sings To You When You Can’t Sleep
  52.  How Your Phone Calls End
  53.  Cooking Together
  54.  Going On An Easter Egg Hunt
  55.  How He Comforts You After Bad News
  56.  What You Do At A Party
  57.  How Your Friendship Started
  58.  Your Favorite Place To Go To Together
  59.  Your First Kiss
  60.  Bumping Into Them On The Street
  61.  At Your Softball Game
  62.  While Horseback Riding
  63.  Going To Disneyland Together
  64.  Shopping For Your Red Carpet Dress
  65.  On The Red Carpet Together
  66.  Playing Video Games Together
  67.  He Sends You Flowers
  68.  Your Nightly Routine
  69.  Helping Him Get Over A Fear
  70.  He Hacks Your Twitter
  71.  Announcing In An Interview That You’re Dating
  72.  What Song You Sing For Karaoke
  73.  Going To The Zoo
  74.  Your Rainy Day Together
  75.  What He Wears On A Lazy Day
  76.  You Decide To Match
  77.  What You Wear To A Disney Themed Party
  78.  Your 18th Birthday
  79.  You Go Underwear Shopping Together
  80.  His Favorite Nickname To Call You
  81.  He Finds Out You Cut
  82.  Only You Can…
  83.  You Go To Yoga Class Together
  84.  At Your School Dance
  85.  Saying Goodbye When He Leaves For His Tour
  86.  What You Do At Your Hotel
  87.  You Drive His Car For The First Time
  88.  What Happens When You Get Home
  89.  What He Tweets You When You’re Sick
  90.  Going On A Bike Ride Together
  91.  How He Asks You To Prom
  92.  Doing The Dishes Together
  93.  What He Does When You’re Having A Bad Day
  94.  Going Food Shopping Together
  95.  What He Writes On Your Birthday Cake
  96.  He’s Never Seen Mean Girls Before So You Watch It Together
  97.  He Sees A Picture Of You With A Guy Friend / Going To The Beach With The Boys
  98.  You’re Getting Your First Tattoo / How You Say Goodbye When He Goes On Tour
  99.  When You’re With All The Boys / Going to Build-A-Bear With The Boys
  100.  You Break Up / Celebrating the Fourth of July
  101.  What Kind Of Parent He Is / Moments When He Makes You Feel Beautiful
  102.  His First Tweet About You / When You Prank Each Other
  103.  What He Does When He’s Nervous / You Go To Victoria’s Secret
  104.  You Fart In Front Of Him / His Little Habits
  105.  You Get Jealous / Watching Dance Moms Together
  106.  See Special Editions; Harry Potter / Your Kid’s First Time on a Plane
  107.  You Go Mini Golfing / How the Other Boys Find Out
  108.  The Little Thing He Loves Most About You / You Go Grocery Shopping
  109.  He Does Your Makeup / When You Start to Miss Him
  110.  He Meets The Guy You’re Dating And Gets Jealous
  111.  What Clothes He Gives You When He Leaves To Go On Tour
  112.  You Catch Him Staring
  113.  He Finds Out About Your Love For Starkid
  114.  How He Gets Your Attention
  115.  The Text He Sends After He Leaves For Tour
  116.  It’s New Year’s Eve
  117.  You Get A Pet Together
  118.  He Lets You Do His Hair
  119.  What Pillow Pet He Buys You
  120.  His Phone Wallpaper
  121.  What You Do On A Hot Day
  122.  It’s A Snow Day
  123.  You Tell Him About One Of Your Old Celeb Crushes
  124.  He Calls When You Were Sleeping
  125.  You Get A Sunburn 
  126.  He Finds Your Old Diary
  127.  Your Parents Don’t Approve Of Him So…
  128.  You Meet By Chance
  129.  How You Decide What Movie To Watch
  130.  He Feels The Baby Kick For The First Time
  131.  You Have A Miscarriage
  132.  Your Favorite TV Show To Watch Together
  133.  He Finds Out You Have A Tattoo
  134.  He Tries To Convince You To Date Him
  135.  How He Feels When He’s Kissing You 
  136.  He’s Sick 
  137.  You’re Falling Asleep On The Couch 
  138.  He Mentions You For The First Time 
  139.  You Go On A Ski Trip
  140.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant 
  141.  You Try Losing Weight 
  142.  He Embarrasses Himself In Front of You
  143.  He’s Drunk
  144.  You Prank Call One of The Other Boys
  145.  He’s Tired 
  146.  He Holds Your Child For the First Time
  147.  You Make Him Watch Your Favorite Childhood Show
  148.  You Match for Halloween 
  149.  Who He’d Be If He Weren’t Famous
  150.  He Plays A “Girlie” Video Game With Your Daughter 
  151.  He Loves to Kiss You… 
  152.  He Tweets a Picture of You in the Morning 
  153.  His Favorite Outfit On You 
  154.  You’re Afraid of Thunderstorms 
  155.  Wedding Vows 
  156.  What He Does When He’s Missing You 
  157.  You’re Supposed to Wake Up Early
  158.  He Tweets A Picture of Your Baby
  159.  You’re Sick
  160.  He Sees You for the First Time Since Your Breakup
  161.  How You Deal With the Breakup
  162.  Your Child Gets Hurt
  163.  He Loses It
  164.  His Favorite Dance Move 
  165. He’s Nervous Before a Big Show 
  166. You Don’t Want to Get Up in the Morning 
  167. A Pickup Line He Uses On You 
  168. Sudden Revelations
  169. Your Hugs 
  170. He Cooks You Dinner
  171. You Wear His T-Shirt
  172. He’s Got Tears in His Eyes
  173. Compliments
  174. Your Parents Don’t Like Him
  175. Why the Fans Love You
  176. What He Tweets You On Your Birthday
  177. Your Movie Theater Activities Involve…
  178. An Interviewer Makes A Rude Comment About You
  179. What He Calls Out When He Gets Home
  180. You Need To Study For Finals But… 
  181. You Doze Off During A Twitcam
  182. How He Answers The Phone
  183. He Tweets A Picture Of You In His Clothes
  184. Don’t You Dare…
  185. His Fingertips…
  186. You Have A Scary Movie Marathon
  187. He Tweets A Picture Of You Together
  188. A Song Lyric About You 
  189. He’s A Teacher
  190. Car Trouble
  191. Taking Pictures Together 
  192. How you Realize you Love Him

Extra Imagines

GIF Preferences 

  1.  He Meets Your Parents 
  2.  His Reaction To Watching Twilight 
  3.  He Sees you for the First Time
  4.  You Fart in Front of Him
  5.  How You Hold Hands
  6.  You Say Yes To A Date (His Reaction) 
  7.  He Finds A Fanfic You Wrote About Him

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